IP-guard has three components: server, console and agent.

Server: It is used to store management policies and the data gathered from agent computers.
Console: It is used to set policy, view data and gather statistics.
Agent: It is used to collect data and execute management policies.

Server is installed on a computer with high storage capacity and high performance

  • Monitor agent computers and distribute polices automatically
  • Store the data gathered from agent computers
  • Manage collected data and back up data periodically

Console is installed on an administrator or supervisor’s computer

  • Centrally control and monitor all agent computers
  • View all data and screen snapshots gathered from agent computers
  • Provide statistical and analysis report
  • Create control and surveillance policies

Agent is installed on end users’ computers

  • Execute management policies
  • Record users’ activities on the agent computers
  • Periodically send collected data to server