IP-guard: Information Security solution for all sectors

In light of the POPI Act signed into law by the South African President in November 2013, South African Government Agencies have started implementing the necessary technologies to support their Information Security Defence Strategy. Government agencies deal with highly confidential information on a daily basis, such as identity documents, banking details, and other confidential personal and company information. Leakage of such confidential information, whether external or internal, can therefore be catastrophic to both individual citizens and the government itself.

One South African government agency (hereon referred to as “the Client”) approached AVeS to help them monitor and internally manage their network and data security. The Client required an enterprise-wide, integrated ICT Risk, Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting software tool to mitigate both known and unknown exposures of classified or sensitive information.

The Client was proactive in addressing Information Technology risks with their existing technology framework. Information Security risks were, however, left vulnerable to internal data leakages where staff could potentially leak confidential or sensitive information.

Due to the organisation’s large user base (12000 users) and level of information sensitivity within their databases, the Client needed a technology product that can fully mitigate their Information Security threats. Based on The Client’s requirements, AVeS established the need for a full package installation of IP-guard, the world’s leading IP management software.

AVeS used IP-guard as the key software tool to address this client’s business requirements and implemented all fourteen modules of the product within the Client’s environment. IP-guard’s award-winning computer security software helps organisations protect data security, manage internet usage and simplify IT systems management. It also enables them to avoid costly loss of data leaks, regulate users’ internet and PC activity, and effectively manage IT systems. The fourteen modules of IP-guard are illustrated below.

* AVeS is IP-guard authorized reseller in South Africa

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