IP-guard Device Management imposes policy-based usage controls for removable media devices, including USB flash drives, Bluetooth devices, etc. It efficiently prevents data theft and the introduction of malware from external devices.

  • Prevents end users from using specific devices
  • Restricts device usage during given time range
  • Customizes warning messages
  • Displays alert messages if there is any attempt to connect unauthorized devices to computers on corporate networks
  • Sends warning messages to users connecting unauthorized devices to computers on corporate networks

Device Management can effectively control the following devices:

Storage Devices floppy disks, CD-ROMs, CD burners, tape drives, hard disks, USB flash drives, memory sticks, MP3 players, smartphones, etc.
Dialup dial-up connection
Communications Devices COM, LPT, USB, SCSI, 1394 controllers; infrared, PCMICA, Bluetooth, modem, direct lines
USB Devices USB keyboards, USB mice, USB modems, USB image devices, USB CD-ROMs, USB drives, USB hard disks, USB LAN adaptors
Network Devices wireless LAN adaptors, virtual LAN adaptors, PnP adapters, virtual CD-ROMs
Others audio devices, virtual CD-ROMs
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